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Elevating Your Career With Tulane Law’s Online MJ Program

March 11, 2024
Tulane Law professionals and students stand below the Tulane School of Law sign.

In the modern professional landscape, specialized knowledge is an essential currency for career advancement. That’s why Tulane University Law School’s online Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) programs are carefully designed to empower those who operate in sectors where legal knowledge is not just an asset, but a powerful differentiator. Legal education is no longer limited to those seeking a Juris Doctor (JD). For those legal professionals considering an MJ in Labor & Employment Law, Energy Law or Environmental Law, the journey toward career growth is not about practicing law as an attorney, but about mastering the legal frameworks that govern these critical industries.

If you are considering a legal education to take your career further, read on to get the perspective of current online MJ students on how these targeted online degrees are a true game-changer.

A New Paradigm in Legal Education

In the old paradigm, legal professionals focused on compliance invested three years and six figures in tuition to complete a residential JD program. Obtaining a JD degree paved the way to the bar exam and a career practicing law. It provided the ability to manage risk and navigate the complexity of the legal landscape. Many legal professionals today have realized that they need the kind of legal education the JD provides but do not need to practice law.

The MJ Program at Tulane Law provides an excellent solution for legal professionals who want to accelerate their career development in the field but do not need a costly full-time, three-year commitment. The MJ degree targets professionals who seek a comprehensive understanding of the law to enhance their careers without the need to practice. It also offers an accessible and efficient way for non-practicing legal professionals to boost their careers with an elite legal education.

These non-practicing professionals include a variety of individuals who engage with complex regulatory environments including HR managers, compliance officers, environmental consultants or energy sector executives—positions where legal fluency can substantially improve decision-making and strategic planning. Students in the Tulane Law MJ programs gain sophisticated legal acumen at a world-class, nationally-ranked law school in a targeted two-year format at an accessible price point.

A Degree Tailored for Non-Lawyers

The online MJ programs at Tulane Law are specifically structured for non-lawyers. These programs equip you with a nuanced understanding of legal issues relevant to your industry. You get the targeted sophisticated substance without the superfluous general legal training meant for litigation or legal representation. Unique to Tulane Law, you do not have to take general law courses that do not apply to your specific career or chosen area of study. “We do not make you take any filler classes,” said Professor Matambanadzo. “We teach you property and contract law and administrative law all through the lens of your chosen field. Our programs are targeted. This means that you also get to take electives that are offered nowhere else.”

Online MJ in Labor & Employment Law student, Tamarin Hannon, who is the vice president of people at LoveToKnow Media in Washington, D.C., noted that the program curriculum is beneficial for professionals who already have years of experience. “Even after being in HR for so many years, I did not feel particularly confident in my understanding of FMLA,” she shared. “I took Professor Avery’s Employee Leave course, which was challenging. But because she uses a lot of hypotheticals in that class, I was able to learn how to apply it inside and out. I felt very confident after taking that class.”

Moise S. Steeg Jr. Associate Professor of Law and Senior Director of Online Legal Education, Saru Matambanadzo, highlights that your time in the online MJ programs gives you the legal knowledge and socialization to succeed after graduation. “You spend a lot of time here talking to lawyers and law professors, and learning the language—learning how to talk about law, how to find law,” she said. The curriculum offers unique courses designed to help non-practicing legal professionals climb the ladder of success.

Career Benefits

Completing an online MJ degree from Tulane Law is not just about filling gaps in knowledge—it's about enhancing your value within your organization and the broader industry. With courses led by esteemed faculty and industry professionals, students acquire not just theoretical understanding, but also practical insights applicable to their day-to-day work.

For instance, graduates of the MJ in Labor & Employment Law program will grasp the intricacies of workplace regulations and labor relationships, positioning themselves as necessary consultants and support for legal counsel during organizational changes and legal challenges.

“You definitely elevate yourself,” said MJ in Labor & Employment Law student Eric Kalet, who works as a human resources business partner at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia, Pa. “You can interact not only with your managers and stakeholders and other folks, but also your legal counsel. You have a much better understanding of what they’re looking for when they’re talking about defending a company or minimizing risks. This program just really puts you in a great place of knowledge and awareness and elevation.”

Like those in human resources, legal professionals in Environmental Law at Tulane Law pursue a rigorous education that provides a deep dive into environmental regulations and sustainability practices, essential for those steering their organizations toward a greener future. Similarly, Energy Law professionals in the Tulane MJ program will delve into complex policies and regulatory matters influencing the global energy market, becoming indispensable assets in a sector where legal acumen translates into better risk management and operational leadership.

MJ in Environmental and Energy Law student T.J. Libutti, who works as a senior environmental analyst at Ninemile Point/Ninemile 6 Entergy in New Orleans, La., says the program has helped her to speak about the complex regulations in her industry with clarity, allowing her to help personnel inside the power plant understand what needs to be done to meet certain requirements. “I’ve had positive interactions being able to be an authority in that way,” she said.

The online MJ programs offer training encouraging students to look to the future in an ever-changing legal landscape. It will also prepare you for what’s coming next in law. “We not only teach what the law is, and how to find the law as it changes, we teach you how to keep your finger on the pulse of what is next and anticipate what the law will be,” said Professor Matambanadzo. “Our students leave the program being able to go back and tell their employer what’s the next best thing or why they shouldn’t panic over what’s coming. The student can help the employer navigate emerging challenges.”

Networking Opportunities Abound

Tulane Online courses are taught by a group of accomplished legal professionals who have deep expertise in the field. Each class is taught by nationally recognized law professors and practitioners who are committed to supporting students, even after graduation. The Tulane Law Online faculty includes a diverse group of scholars, practitioners and advocates with various valuable experiences. Tulane Law Online professors have experience as general counsel, government regulators, defense and plaintiff’s side partners, industry consultants and leading scholars.

While the MJ programs are offered online, you will not lack interaction with your classmates and professors. The program is primarily asynchronous, meaning you can work through your courses on your own time. However, faculty members offer five live sessions for each course, where you can meet and interact with your professors and your cohort. This offers you maximum connection and maximum flexibility.

Students enter the program with a cohort, who act as a support system and sounding board as you work your way through each course. “I’ve connected with so many incredible people. We’ve set up GroupMe chats and connect through email, and I’ve been able to talk to people throughout the whole country,” said Kalet. “It’s a really great way to network.”

Hannon echoed this sentiment. “No matter what cohort you’re a part of, you’re going have a very rich experience owing to the connections that you make with your classmates. Everybody supports each other.”

In addition to your cohort and the myriad interactions you’ll have online with your professors, the Immersion Weekend gives you a chance to build connections in person, in New Orleans, La. This weekend is your chance to meet your classmates, professors and other professionals working in your field. You’ll also hear from a keynote speaker and lecturers and participate in workshops offered by industry experts. This is also an excellent opportunity to explore the campus and the city.

“Immersion Weekend does an absolutely great job of showcasing the school as a whole,” said Libutti. “All that helpfulness that you feel through a computer screen, via text message—that connection is just really driven home on Immersion Weekend. It’s all genuine.”

Joining the Prestigious Tulane Law Community

As an online MJ student, you will gain access to the same resources as the on-campus JD students. This includes access and training in legal databases like Westlaw, Lexis Nexis, Bloomberg and Martindale-Hubbell. You will also have access to any electronic resources in the Tulane Law Library and support from a Tulane Law librarian.

“We want our students to know how to find the law, know how to anticipate law and know how to read the law. As part of that you have a full suite of legal resources,” said Professor Matambanadzo. “We treat our online students just like the in-person students, which is not the case in every online program.”

In addition to truly being part of the campus community no matter where you are learning from, enrolling in one of Tulane Law's online MJ programs initiates you into an expansive network of professionals—a growing community that spans various industries and areas of expertise. The value of this network is immeasurable. You gain access to a support system of alumni, many of whom are leaders in their respective fields. Networking within this community can introduce you to new perspectives and open doors to roles and collaborations you may not have previously considered. The Tulane Law alumni network is synonymous with prestige—a communal badge signaling a shared commitment to excellence and continuous learning.

Earn Your Master’s Degree With Tulane Law Online

Tulane Law’s online MJ degrees offer more than just an academic credential. They represent a strategic investment in your career. Whether you’re after a promotion, a career pivot or are looking to make a significant contribution to your current role, an online MJ degree from Tulane Law can equip you with the toolkit to achieve, excel and lead. You’ll graduate prepared to navigate the intricacies of law in your sector.

“Do not allow the idea of law school to intimidate you,” said Hannon. “We love certifications, but this is something completely different. And it will set you apart.”

When you choose Tulane Law for your online MJ degree, you’re not just signing up for a course—you’re stepping into a community and a culture of excellence that stretches far beyond the classroom. With every module completed, case study analyzed and network connection made, you’re paving the way for a brighter, more authoritative future in your profession.

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