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Tulane University Law School building
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Why Tulane Law School

Tulane University Law School, established in 1847, is the 12th-oldest law school in the United States and uniquely offers students the opportunity to study both of the world’s great legal systems: the common law system upon which English and U.S. law are based and the civil law system governing most of the rest of the world.

Located on the main campus of Tulane University in uptown New Orleans, Tulane Law School has been accredited by the American Bar Association since May 1925. Tulane Law School has world-renowned maritime law programs, strong business, corporate and intellectual property law courses and a vibrant Sports Law program. Tulane Law School was the first in the country to require pro bono legal work as a condition of graduation.

We have been a leader in environmental education since 1979. Our Center for Energy Law and Center for Environmental Law are recognized as leaders in research and education, particularly because Tulane’s Gulf Coast location means our faculty have a deep and diverse understanding of these complex regulations.

12th Oldest Law School in the Country
12,000 Tulane Law Alumni
#17 Best Law School for Environmental Law1

1 Retrieved on October 8, 2020, from usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-law-schools/tulane-university-of-louisiana-03068

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August 9
Fall 2021 Term
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August 30
Fall 2021 Term
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December 13
Spring 2022 Term
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