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With Tulane University’s online Master of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment Law, find the legal knowledge you need to handle the big and small issues landing on your desk. Designed specifically for HR professionals and offering the legal credentials and prestige of Tulane, our MJ-LEL provides our students and alumni with the law-based skills and expertise they can put right to use in the workplace.

What Our Alumni Find1

82% received a salary increase
$18,000 median salary increase
93% able to use what they learned in the program in their current role

Taking Charge of a Complex Field

The wide range of federal and state statutory and administrative regulations of the workplace continue to evolve with increasing complexity. Ensuring compliance demands continued monitoring, understanding, and integration of this expansive regulatory scheme. This can be a daunting task, particularly for small and mid-sized organizations.2 Accordingly, pursuing an advanced degree in labor and employment law, in an online program that is tailored to meet the requirements and demands of full-time workers, can be the first step to meeting that need. Whether you are interested in pursuing a specialist role, such as benefits manager, or a general position, such as an HR manager, obtaining the skills, knowledge, and techniques provided by this online program can be a crucial asset in fulfilling your career ambitions.

Find Your Career Path

Two people listen to senior member providing advice
I know that having Tulane on my resume definitely helped set me apart from everybody else. How many HR people have a law degree or are currently attending law school?
Natalia Hernandez
Natalia Hernandez (MJ '19)
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How Can a Master of Jurisprudence Grow Your Expertise?

Compliance is changing and becoming more complex. Gaining the legal knowledge and experience to navigate the state, federal and international regulatory landscape can prepare you for what’s ahead in your organization and your career.

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Female HR Professional
Understand how an MJ can help HR professionals and those entering the field.
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Hear From Online MJ-LEL Students

Online MJ-LEL student George Albero discusses the importance of continuous professional education to his success in HR. Hear how George found Tulane's program to be just what he needed to stay competitive in his field and accelerate his career.

A degree in Labor and Employment Law can be applied outside of the field of HR. Online MJ-LEL student Gary Maxwell discusses the profound impact the program has had on his career and the pride he has in being a Tulane Law School student.

  1. Based on a limited sample of self-reported data from alumni of Tulane University from graduating cohorts between Summer 2016-Spring 2019, including respondents who indicated they expect to receive a promotion within 6 months from the time of their response.
  2. Retrieved January 30, 2020 from
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