Two employee talk in a loft space
Two employee talk in a loft space
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Go Further With an MJ Degree

Today’s laws and regulations are becoming more complex, impacting how business is done, how individuals work and live, and how people see the landscape around them.

Meeting changing compliance as a professional is challenging, but by earning a Master of Jurisprudence, you can define a stronger career path.

Having a legal framework to better address your field’s challenge can make you a critical asset within your organization or prepare you for a career change. Through Tulane’s three Master of Jurisprudence programs, you will find courses are taught by experienced attorneys and legal experts and the legal knowledge and experience to master what’s ahead in your career.

The MJ in Labor and Employment Law was designed to accelerate careers and improve the day-to-day effectiveness of professionals with HR responsibilities. Fewer than 6 percent of human resource professionals have formal academic training in the law. With the expertise you'll gain through this program, your job effectiveness will increase—long before your graduation—and you'll quickly become a highly valued contributor on the job. You'll become more adequately self-sufficient, and will prove to be a huge asset to your organization as you save money, reduce risks and improve workplace culture.

Walk away with the ability to train employees about sexual harassment, to deal effectively with unions, to engage in collective bargaining, to mediate disputes or participate in the arbitrations of labor disputes, to create personnel manuals, to lead executive searches that are EEOC compliant, and much more.

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Environmental laws are continually changing on the state, federal and international levels. These regulations are often opaque, irregularly enforced or out of date. Navigating this patchwork of laws, which cover public and private land development, endangered species protections and water resources management, requires both knowledge and confidence.

Across industries, professionals with a deep legal framework are needed in advocacy groups, regulatory agencies, international organizations, small startups and other groups influencing public policy.

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Energy law is changing. Facing new and out-of-date compliance regulations at every level of government, the energy industry as well as the advocacy groups and organizations impacted by it need more experienced professionals. This is especially true as the energy sector, itself, grapples with new technology and energy resources. Even established industries, such as nuclear energy, fossil fuels, and oil and gas, are evolving to stay ahead.

With an MJ in Energy Law, guide your company as well as your career with the deep understanding of how U.S. and international laws operate and coexist.

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