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It’s all too easy to think that labor laws only affect other people. Common employment law issues include considerations of the minimum wage, leave time when employees become parents, and retirement plans for those who save a portion of their income.
Developing a Plan to Keep your Career Moving Forward Having a focused, attainable HR professional development plan that is tuned in to your industry and personal goals is essential to keeping up in this fast-paced and dynamic field. Though you can’t be an expert in everything, HR professionals are expected to continue to expand and enhance their knowledge and skill base throughout their career.
Exploring the Master of Jurisprudence with Online Student Amanda Haddaway With more than 180 federal labor laws currently governing over 125 million U.S. workers, human resources (HR) professionals have a lot to consider as they manage things like benefits administration, employment standards and various aspects of legal compliance.1
Environmental law jobs staffed by adept, knowledgeable and decisive professionals have never been more important. As the complex mechanisms of our society learn to work together to preserve our fragile and changing ecosystem, evolving environmental regulations impact numerous industries and fields across both the private and public sectors.
November 20, 2020
The emerging renewable energy industries are as heavily regulated as more conventional energy industries like oil and gas are. Consequently, renewable energy law jobs exist within many organizations whose work is either governed by legal regulations or aimed at changing them. Not all of these jobs are for attorneys; rather, many are simply best performed by professionals who have a detailed understanding of the state, local and federal regulations that pertain to their specific industry.
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