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A Law Degree With Immediate Applicability in HR Jobs

June 18, 2020
Online MJ in Labor and Employment Law | Career Advice
Student Spotlight: Natalia Hernandez (MJ '19)

What happens when you land your dream job? You set your sights even higher.

During her first year in Tulane University Law School’s online Master of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment Law (MJ-LEL) program, Natalia Hernandez started a job as a senior-level HR business partner at a prestigious national research and development laboratory. “I know that having Tulane on my resume definitely helped set me apart from everybody else,” she says. “How many HR people have a law degree or are currently attending law school?”

When we spoke to Natalia during her second semester in the online MJ-LEL, she was already using her course learnings in her current position. “Recently, I had an EEOC complaint and had to draft up a summary and turn over information,” she recalls. “Legal Analysis I and II really helped me with all of that. It took me half the time to reply, and it was almost effortless, because I was already practicing what I needed to do in class. When I applied it to real life, it just worked.”

Natalia’s next career goal? “I want to be a VP of HR,” and thanks to the online MJ-LEL, she contends, “I find myself in a great position to get there pretty quickly.” Watch the video above to hear more about Natalia’s career trajectory and how the Master’s in Labor and Employment Law from Tulane Law School is giving her a competitive advantage.

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