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Master the Complexities of Employment Law with Tulane

November 21, 2020

Exploring the Master of Jurisprudence with Online Student Amanda Haddaway

With more than 180 federal labor laws currently governing over 125 million U.S. workers, human resources (HR) professionals have a lot to consider as they manage things like benefits administration, employment standards and various aspects of legal compliance.1

For online student and HR professional Amanda Haddaway, the Tulane University Law School's online Master of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment Law was critical to learning and understanding the nuances of those laws she is expected to uphold.

"I really believe that this program is important because HR, over the course of the years, has become really entrenched in employment law, and the complexities of HR are growing every day," Amanda noted.

Throughout her 18 years of experience, Amanda has become increasingly aware of human resources' national importance and recognizes that a Master's in Labor & Employment Law will help maximize her industry impact.

"The top news stories all have a tie back to HR, whether it's healthcare or overtime or unemployment—those are all HR issues and so it's really, really important for HR practitioners to have a solid understanding of labor and employment law in order to be effective in their jobs."

To get Amanda's full take on the program content and its importance for the modern-day HR professional, watch her full spotlight video below.

Explore the benefits of an online Master of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment Law from Tulane University Law School and discover how it can elevate your career with a strong legal foundation that supports your HR knowledge.

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