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Announcing New Online Programs at Tulane Law

May 24, 2021
New Online Programs at Tulane Law

Tulane University Law School is launching three new degree and certificate programs to help today’s professionals better navigate the complex laws that are a part of their everyday life. These three programs are designed to help those working in or alongside the energy sector, environmental protections and higher education, who need targeted training from experienced legal experts.

Tulane’s Master of Jurisprudence in Labor and Employment launched to help HR professionals stay ahead of changes in compliance. Our new online programs in energy law, environmental law and Title IX brings Tulane’s legal scholarship to other industries where federal and state regulations have a significant impact.

With our new program areas, we’re helping those who need an additional legal framework to navigate what’s ahead in their field.

Online MJ in Energy Law

The energy industry is among the most heavily regulated in the country. For those who work in or alongside oil, gas, electric or nuclear power, the complexities of energy law are inescapable. In addition, the field continues to evolve on a state, federal and international level.

Tulane launched its online MJ in Energy Law program to provide support to those at the forefront of this field. Tulane is uniquely qualified: our Center for Energy Law promotes research and deeper learning in this practice and our faculty have built impressive careers as lawyers and scholars. For those working in renewable energy startups to international power companies to regulatory agencies, this program can help provide the tactical and legal framework to understand today’s energy law landscape.

Online MJ in Environmental Law

Misunderstanding environmental law can have big consequences for government regulators, advocacy groups or other developers and stakeholders impacted by today’s regulations. With our online MJ in Environmental Law, working professionals can stay up to date on the latest in the field with the expertise of the No. 18 Best Law School on the subject.1 Our Center for Environmental Law works in the New Orleans community, publishes law journals and hosts professional events, which means our online students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and their networks.

With debates about land usage, taxation and natural space protections, it can be challenging to stay on the right side of laws that drastically differ on a local, state, national and even international scale. Earning an environmental law degree making sure that your organization or other companies are interpreting and following the right protocols.

Online Title IX Certificates and Specialization Certifications

Title IX regulations are a critical component of education law. Title IX training can be essential for those who work with it on a daily basis. It’s a regulation that continues to evolve and have a far reaching impact on higher education as a whole. Its impact goes far past athletics funding. Title IX protects against discrimination, sexual harassment and misconduct based on sex, sexual orientation and gender identity.

The reach and interpretation of this law has changed since its passing in 1972, but the consequences of failing to address issues relating to Title IX have caused emotional and financial implications for universities, students, faculty and more. Our online Title IX certificates and specialization certifications are designed with the flexibility to provide college administrators, coordinators and more with the best practices and skills needed to handle their institution’s obligations.

Your Tools to Succeed

While our new online degree and certificate programs are designed to support many different career paths, they are all developed for working professionals. With our flexible format and targeted real-world focus, you can gain the skills and resources you need to master today’s in demand fields.

Learn more about the online coursework in our MJ in Energy Law, MJ in Environmental Law and Title IX certificates and specialization certifications and how they can help you get ahead.