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Online Law School: Why This Is the Best Option in 2021

June 17, 2021
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Attending law school online might seem like an unusual way to earn a degree. However, in 2021, it’s become apparent that working or studying remotely is more than feasible. It is actually an ideal set-up for many experienced professionals, parents and those new to their field.

Usually a JD comes to mind when someone thinks about law school. This is the degree that someone earns as they work toward becoming a lawyer. There are many types of law degrees and certificates though. For example, a master of jurisprudence gives professionals, who work outside the legal system, the opportunity to study the laws that impact their industry and career.

Earning an MJ, certificate or law degree online can allow students who are active in their fields the opportunity to earn their degree, no matter where they live, where they work or what their schedule is. Learn more about how online education is a great option for today’s professionals.

Reasons to go online

Stand out from the crowd
Career advancement is the number one reason to attend law school online. Depending on your field, many people have very similar undergraduate, and sometimes graduate, degrees. Earning an MJ online can give you the edge on your resume when applying to jobs and in your day-to-day interactions with colleagues. With a formal law background, you can bring an additional skill set to the table and confidently navigate legal and compliance issues on your own.

Keep working full time
Leaving the workforce or moving into a part-time role to attend law school is not an option for most professionals. Many take that as a sign that earning a graduate degree is simply not feasible for them. An online program can help overcome that obstacle. Many online MJ degrees and certifications are designed specifically for those with existing experience in their industry who want the added benefit of a strong legal background. Being in a full-time role can actually enhance the experience in many programs, where students are asked to reflect on current and past experience and apply it to their coursework.

Affordability and flexibility
Earning an online degree gives you the flexibility to continue working full time, but it has many additional benefits over an in-person program, even one designed for experienced professionals. Online programs give you the flexibility to take classes from wherever you are: at home or in the office or even if you travel for work overseas. Online, many of your classes will also be asynchronous, meaning they’re self-paced and you can take them when they’re convenient for you. You also have the opportunity to choose a law school anywhere in the country, without the additional costs of relocation or lengthy commutes.

Networking opportunities
When it comes to earning an online graduate degree, one of the biggest concerns is that students will be isolated from their peers and instructors. It’s important to build strong connections with experienced legal scholars and other peers in your industry. When you are researching online MJ programs, look for ones that prioritize networking opportunities. Many online programs offer live courses in addition to the recorded lectures. That allows you the opportunity to collaborate with classmates and ask questions that are relevant to you. Some schools also offer an in-person component, such as Tulane University’s Immersion Weekend. For two days students attend lectures and workshops together and get to know one another better.

Not all law schools are the same.
Online degree programs face a great deal of stigma, and for many online programs, a reputation for a shallow curriculum is well deserved. However, when you choose the right program from the right online law school, you can find coursework that is equally committed to providing a rewarding learning experience that rivals an in-person program. While attending law school online may seem like you might be sacrificing the quality, you can find a rigorous program by researching faculty, reviewing the curriculum and speaking to a member of its admissions team.

See the difference at Tulane.

At Tulane Law School, you will find the online coursework to prepare you to be successful in your industry. Our master of jurisprudence programs are designed to give you the legal foundation for a number of different fields:

  • Our online MJ in Energy Law is designed for those working in oil, gas, nuclear power and other highly regulated industries to gain the practical legal training to navigate the regulations that influence this sector.
  • The online MJ in Environmental Law offers in-depth courses on the evolving laws and environmental issues on a local, state, national and international level.
  • Lastly, our online MJ in Labor and Employment Law is designed for human resources professionals who need the legal foundation to better comply with the myriad regulations employers must navigate.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of an online law program, and with Tulane, know that you’ll have the tools and connections to thrive.