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An Employment Law Degree for More Than HR

October 23, 2020
Labor and Employment Law Degree | Student Q&A
Student Spotlight: Gary Maxwell (MJ '18)

When it comes to Tulane University Law School's online Master of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment Law (MJ-LEL) program, human resources (HR) is the first field to pop into most prospective students' minds. But, as students are already realizing, employment law extends far beyond the realm of HR.

"I'm not in HR. I'm a union rep," current online MJ-LEL student Gary Maxwell told us. "But it goes hand in hand with what I do—negotiation, labor law, FMLA, those are the things I'm really hands-on in."

Regardless of the role a student has outside of the classroom, they can be assured that their labor law courses are delivered on their schedule, through the convenience of a virtual classroom.

"The online courses give you big time flexibility. They're recorded, so you can go back and watch them at any time. It's at your speed," Gary explained. "Time management is really key to getting success in this program. It's not a cakewalk. You're basically doing the same work if you were physically at the university."

Though the program is as rigorous as the university is prestigious, Tulane Law School's faculty and staff are there every step of the way to support and guide our students to success in their careers.

"The one thing that really surprised me about this program—I just can't emphasize this enough—was how much they support and help you and how much they let you know that you are a Tulane University Law School student," Gary said. "This is my school. I own it. I'm a part of it. I'm going to be a part of it for the rest of my life. I am a Tulane University Law student, and you will be too."

Hear more about Gary's time in the program so far in our video below.

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