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Student Spotlight: Monica M. (MJ '18)

August 09, 2020

Passion, Talent and Prestige: the Perks of Tulane University

Q: How did you feel at the start of the online program versus today? What were your expectations? Were they met, exceeded or changed?

A: Based on the reputation of Tulane University Law School and its faculty, my expectations were quite high that the program content would be second to none.

I was somewhat concerned about the program’s delivery, since it would be dependent on the capability of the distance learning program’s online platform, but my expectations have been exceeded. I learned that the platform, while more than adequate, has very little to do with the quality of its delivery.

The passion and talent of the professors have truly been the best in class. They are passionate and knowledgeable about their subject matters, but they are also so engaged and excited to be interacting with human resources (HR) and business professionals who are in the trenches every day tackling the materials they are covering.

Q: What are some skills you learned in the program that you now use in your career?

A: The ability to conduct thoughtful legal analysis is the biggest value for me personally. I have interacted with the legal aspects of human resources for more than 10 years, but to now be able to view the issues from the perspective of the legal profession has been transformational.

Q: Why would you recommend Tulane University’s MJ-LEL program?

A: I am a believer in lifelong learning. The online Master of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment Law program is the best way for someone in business to better understand the legal framework of employment. I have been able to quickly explain to my business partners why a business decision is more than just weighing the risk.

There are very sound legal principles that underpin just about every aspect of employment, highlighting why the consequences are not just about dollars and cents—but are about employee morale, productivity and, ultimately, business results.

Q: What course or specific feature did you enjoy most about the program?

A: It’s so hard to choose a specific course since they’ve all been excellent. However, the feature I liked the most is the progression of the coursework from general legal analysis and employment principles to specific aspects of the law that impact most businesses each day.

Q: What does earning a degree from Tulane truly mean to you?

A: I’m very excited to have a degree from Tulane Law School. Many attorneys I admire have come from this prestigious university.

Q: As a current student, what tips would you give to someone who is entering the online program?

A: It’s critical to keep up with the coursework and keep yourself accountable each and every week. You get from the program what you put into it.

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