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The Reach of Human Resources: No HR Background Needed

December 04, 2019

Student Spotlight: Jean Houpert (MJ '18)

When it comes to joining Tulane University Law School's online Master of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment Law (MJ-LEL) program, our students generally choose to pursue our degree for two equally vital reasons: They need the flexibility of studying online and the human resources (HR) law expertise only a university as prestigious as Tulane can offer. That's what brought current student Jean to the digital classroom.

"I am a nontraditional student in the program in the sense that I am not from an HR background," Jean said. "I started my own business and then I started hiring people, and I realized how little knowledge I have on what forms I should have, what are disclosures, and so I started taking some HR classes."

As a small business owner, Jean harbored numerous concerns about how to fit graduate school classes in with her often hectic work schedule. Although she tried to find other avenues by which to earn her degree, she found on-campus programs with other universities simply were not flexible enough to work with her schedule. With Tulane, however, she found the flexibility she needs.

"This is perfect. It's perfect for my schedule. You know, when my business is slow, I can read a chapter here or there. I come home, and I'm just able to work it in," Jean said. "It works really well with my schedule."

To hear more about Jean's experience in the live classroom or with the faculty, watch her full video testimonial below.

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