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How hard is law school? Explore a list of what makes law school hard. It is undoubtedly more challenging than undergrad, but around 40,000 law students graduate every year, meaning a law degree is attainable.
Law School Transparency (LST) is a non-profit organization that focuses on consumer advocacy and public education around the legal profession. LST’s mission is to make entry to legal professions transparent, affordable and fair.
You’re hoping to build a home. Your client is looking to buy property on which she’ll open a new business. Your friend’s industrial manufacturing company is growing and needs a larger physical space. Welcome to land use and zoning law.
Making the decision to go to law school should not be made on a whim. The questions in this blog will help you answer the question: Should I go to law school?
For Alexandra Torres Rodriguez, Tulane University stood out. The law school’s Online MJ in Labor and Employment Law focused on meeting the real needs of HR professionals in the workplace, but it also gave her an unbeatable background in compliance and the law.